I Date Online For Freedom and Safety

Online dating has a large number of advantages, and I love dating online only, as this gives me total freedom to explore personalities, and still be safe and secure at my end. At least I can easily avoid the tagging of being a flirt, because people won’t understand one thing in real that I am just trying to get my perfect guy.

Complications you can avoid

How would I manage to get my guy, if I do not test several personalities, or do not mingle with people! Being a Jap girl, I have some advantages as well as disadvantages too. Though my parents are open to my dating, yet they want me to be secured too. If I carry on going around with different guys every weekend just because I need to know more people, then I would easily lose my credibility in society and friends over time.

These are sensitive and complicated issues that can be tackled with a little care, if you can manage to handle your life with care. That is what I do, when I date online. There is total security if I share my sensitive information maturely. I do not share pictures with just any guy, as I know they can get abused if I end up the relation after a certain time. Not all men are matured enough to handle timely rejections.

How I manage my dates

Again I just use my profile to make friends first, and if I feel comfortable with a guy, I start to talk with more intimacy. I couldn’t have moved so fast with a guy in real as per the traditional dating customs here in my city. Moreover staying with parents has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, one main disadvantage being that you cannot just do anything in a happy-go-lucky manner unless you are a ruthless child.
However, in spite of all these limitations, I still got my life, and am happy with my online dating experiences so far.

My Love Came Close To Me through an Online Dating Portal

In the current century, the concept of dating and meeting people is changing rapidly in Japan, where people are coming out of the conventional shell of meeting friends only in a group, going on a date only to a classy restaurant and so on. Young people like me are nowadays looking for their lady loves in the pages of internet by means of dating websites.

Over the last decade, a number of Japanese dating websites have come up and the best part is that the count of membership of these sites is increasing day by day which is actually a very positive sign when it comes to the dating industry in Japan. I myself have dated three or four young Japanese girls and found that online dating with the help of the Japanese dating sites helps in many ways.

When I took to online dating

When I felt like having a girlfriend but could not find anyone in my vicinity, I thought of enrolling myself to the dating sites wherein I could find young girls. To my good fortune, most of the sites were offering free of cost registration and hence I opened up my account in three to four such dating websites. When I created my account, I got my own mailbox space for messages that my dates would send to me.
The first thing that I did was searched through the databases of the dating sites looking for the right type of girl for me. While most of the female members were middle aged women, still I could manage to find out some damsels of mid 20s who had uploaded their pictures along with their profiles. I started the interactions by sending the “I am interested in you” messages which was a feature of the dating sites.

I started finding girls

Out of the many messages that I had sent out, I got replies from some of the members. Now was the time to evaluate these profiles and find out if they were compatible with me. I pinged, tried and tested the profiles. Now this was the beauty and facility of dating online, that I liked very much. I could talk to all of these girls at one time period, which I couldn’t have done, if I had dated in real.

Kimi came close to me

Within a month, and in one case it took me just three days to understand the girl, I could understand the compatibility quotient. Only two of them could knock close to my heart, and thus I chose to talk to both of them. I took to video chatting with them through my live Japanese sex, to find out how they actually looked, and tried studying their eyes, expressions and body language.

I must say this is a great innovation by man that you can see someone from a distance so easily, and I could tell their nature after just an hour of video chatting. Well it all happened through these days that I came close to Kimi, and we started dating in real after a satisfying period of online chatting and dating.

I Met Takara through My Friend’s Account

Finding the perfect partner and love in life definitely happens by luck and the grace of god. Otherwise how could I find Takara amongst such a big crowd of online daters and that too from a distant country like Japan! I still don’t believe my luck that I am blessed with the love and care of such a wonderful lady in my life. Not only is she a wonderful person, but comes from a great family of virtuous parents, who gave her all her goodness.

I met her by sheer luck online. I would say luck because I am not an online dater, and neither believed in online dating. I have always been busy with my software and network engineering studies in my student life, and had little time for partying around or dating etc. I was the typical studious type, always spending myself in books.

I went to my friend’s place

One day I was called by a friend to inspect some network problems in his computer, and resolve the issue. This friend of mine was a real online dating addict, who would practically spend all his time flirting with girls online, playing games, and indulging in social media sites. In one word he was the typical teenager always striving for more fun, activity and attention.

Now naturally he had big lists of fans and friends everywhere in all of his online profiles and dating accounts. The main problem with these types of personalities is that, they care little about serious long term relationships, and only care for light friendship and fun filled flirting.

Takara contacted me

When I was looking for the problem in his network connections I wasn’t aware that my life would take a turning point that day. I had resolved the problem after some time, and my work was done. I was spending some time on his system looking at this and that, and surfing through his open accounts and profiles, as I knew he won’t mind me looking through them.

Suddenly a chat window popped up in the screen from one of his online dating accounts. A girl was saying “Hi”. It was Takara. I don’t know what took me over, but I started replying back to her as my friend. In a short while, we felt glued to each other as we were exploring interesting subjects and topics in our discussion.

I confessed to both of them

In the meantime my friend came back, and I confessed the truth to him, that I was chatting from his id as him. He said me to tell the truth to the girl too, so that I may get the opportunity to talk to her later.
That was the starting point and then I was also glued on to the Japanese dating site, and learned the online dating customs slowly as I read more about it. We met after a long gap. It took us almost a year to fix our minds for meeting, as Takara didn’t want to spend time with someone unless she was real sure about her interests in the person. I had no problem waiting either, as I knew that she was already mine, and now we date steadily.
It was during those days, that I found how vast is the field of online dating, and how profitable it can be to date online. You see, there are as such no expenditures other than your internet connection expenses, and you may know not only one person, but more than one person at a time.

You may feel like avoiding or cutting the relationship after some time, if you do not feel the person fit for dating. Then also it takes nothing much but to politely refuse the connection and ignore the person. However it would have taken, worries, tears, quarrels, and heart breaks in case of dating in real in person. I understood these plus points in those days, and now suggest my lonely friends to get help online.