Kia ora koutou

Christchurch continues to shake with three major earthquakes and over 7000 after- shocks, parts of our city are like living in a warzone.

There are significant numbers of families still without use of water or sewerage. Some of whom have been living in these sub-standard conditions for over 9 months, since September last year.

Winter is upon us and sub-zero temperatures are bringing a new set of challenges to Christchurch families already under stress. No longer able to stay with family and friends or in temporary accommodation, hundreds have returned to their damaged homes. Many are living in only one or two rooms struggling to find warmth, pay for increased power, replace bedding/ basics and to provide winter shoes and clothing for themselves and their children.

Delays in EQC and insurance company claims are not helping recovery which seems at times further away than ever.

Your donation goes beyond giving immediate practical assistance. It is a wonderful morale boost for every adopted family to know that you care. Please read our thank you page. A special thank you to Marie-Ann Billens and Estee Lauder Companies for their most generous donation of $150,000.

Our volunteers have worked tirelessly to feedback to you on where your donation has been placed. To date over 500 familes have been adopted, receiving between $100 and $3000. If you have not received notification of how your donation has been spent please email – chris@whitebait-tv.com

If you haven’t donated please sign onto adoptachristchurchfamily.com, your donation is needed now much more than ever.