How To Build A Happy Marriage

There are few secrets to a happy marriage that every couple should know and observe. In the happiest marriages, there is a flame similar to that of the day of the marriage proposal and a fusion complicity.

Is it really possible in a world where cars, iPads, and phones are updated every year, in a world that forces us to admit we have to throw away what we do not like anymore and replace with something more desirable, is there the possibility of a happy and lasting relationship with one and the same person?

To hope for a happy marriage, it is important to consider this union as a life that you must nourish and need to maintain every day.


It sounds simple, but nothing has as much effect as a few compliments addressed daily to the one we love. Happy couples are indeed those who never miss an opportunity to value each other because there is nothing worse than a couple where one of the partners feels like part of the landscape.

Do not hesitate to compliment each other, even on things that seem trivial. And know that in a relationship, it takes 20 compliments to cancel the effect of a single criticism!


Another problem common to unhappy couples is routine in intimacy. We think we know the other’s body, their desires, and their expectations.

We cling to rituals that end up boring even the most motivated couples. Making love becomes a simple conjugal task. We forget to surprise.


To constantly blame his partner for a yes or a no, to make him responsible for his slightest ills, to criticize each of his initiatives, are all situations that can provoke a crisis in a couple.

Happy couples are those where partners know how to accept themselves as they are and who are continually looking for the positive in the negative aspects of their respective characters.

In addition, they support each other in all their projects and are present for each other in difficult times, without judging themselves.

In case of conflict, they avoid hurting themselves in the face and opt for good old communication to put things back.


The fusional couples, even if their relation seems idyllic in the first times, separate more often than the others. They think wrongly to be able to stand on their own until the day when one of the partners needs to get some fresh air.

Happy couples are where the partners each have a life, friends and own activities. They can thus enrich themselves individually, which also makes them a wealth for the couple.



Happy couples never torture themselves wondering where and with whom their partner is. They do not spy without stopping, they do not monitor the movements on the blue card day and night.

In a word, happy couples trust each other in the smallest aspects of daily life because everyone lives the relationship at 100% and work to make it last.


It can never be said enough, communication is the essential basis for the survival of a marriage. Happy couples not only know how to communicate, they also know how to listen to each other. No need to scream or break the dishes.

They know how to choose the right moment and the right words to start the discussion and make themselves understood by the partner without pointing it at him because of an inappropriate vocabulary.

They also avoid reconciliations “on the pillow” and privilege dialogue to resolve their differences.

Many couples separate after the birth of the children because they can no longer find their balance in this new equation. Their little habits are upset and they are easily absorbed by their new responsibilities.

Happy couples know how to get rid of their children without remorse. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins or even babysitter, they do not hesitate to entrust as often as possible their cherubs to concoct an evening or a romantic weekend.

This reunion is essential to continue to exist as a couple and lovers in the relationship, not just as young parents.