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Pet Fleas Treatment

Many owners of dogs and cats are unhappy, some are desperate. They have treated their pets with flea products, and yet the fleas are still there. Their first reflex is to say that the product used is not effective.

It is a cause of failure that can not be excluded, but it is certainly not the main cause: to get rid of pet fleas, there are rules to respect.

Use a suitable anti-cholesterol product: ask your veterinarian for advice. Your veterinarian will prescribe the best treatment for your pet, depending on its species, lifestyle, and age.

Beware, there are dozens of products marketed to fight fleas of dogs and cats, and some of them have not proven their effectiveness.

Apply the necessary quantity: follow the instructions for use. If you are not sure of the weight of your companion, weigh it before treating it. Whatever the quality of the product used, an under-dosing will lead to failure.

Do not overdo it either, an excess is dangerous for your pet’s health.

Repeat the treatment regularly: the main cause of failure of the flea treatments is the forgetting of the renewal! It is not enough to treat your pet once so that it is cleared of fleas for the rest of his days.

All treatments must be renewed at fixed dates, at different intervals depending on the product used: every month (for pipettes and certain tablets), every 3 months (for certain tablets), every 6 months (for certain necklaces ). In all cases, respect the rhythm of administration prescribed by your veterinarian.

Treat all your dogs and cats: if one of your dogs or cats has fleas, then they all have them, even if you do not see them. If you have several animals, it is essential to treat them at the same time, with a product adapted to each one of them.

Beware, some products designed for dogs are extremely toxic to cats.

The main source of contamination of dogs and cats is the environment, so seek advice from your veterinarian to minimize the risk of contamination. Fleas are not born on animals but in their environment. In hot, humid weather, it can harbor tens of thousands of young fleas.

If you feel that the product put on your mate does not work, then do not hesitate to treat his environment. It is very likely that the chips you see are fleas that have just contaminated your pet and have not yet been killed by the flea product.

There are products specially designed for this purpose. They have a prolonged action and allow to treat the sleeping, the parquet floors, the carpets. Maintain a good composting so that the contamination will not spread out in the entire home.

Your veterinarian will explain to you how to use them.