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Characteristics of Good Composting

An organic residue is transformed into an extraordinary fertilizer amendment. They act on the macromolecular nutrients, taking them to states directly assimilable by plants, which is manifested in remarkable improvements in the organoleptic qualities of fruits and flowers and better resistance to pathogens.

Accelerates root development and physiological processes of budding, flowering, maturity, flavor, and color. Improving the general condition of plants increases their resistance to pest and pathogen attack and frost resistance.

The microbial action of compost makes assimilable for plants inert materials such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, as well as micro and trace elements.

Its richness in trace elements makes it a complete fertilizer. Provides plants with substances necessary for their metabolism. It can be used at high doses without contraindications, as it does not burn plants, not even the most delicate ones.

It also contains hormones, growth regulators, and promoters of the vital functions of plants. It is composed mainly of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, and a large number of microorganisms are also present.

It also adds organic material to the soil, increases the permeability of clay soils and increases the water retention capacity of sandy soils, promotes root growth and creates spaces for air and water.

Compost is classified as a soil conditioner rather than fertilizer. To be classified as fertilizer would have to have higher levels of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. The finished compost adds these and other elements, but is of slower effects than chemical fertilizers, and increases the availability of these elements in the soil. Compost plays a transcendent role in correcting and improving the physical, chemical and biological conditions of soils.

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